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Librarian -Job Description

Librarian JD -Postion in Malaysia

## Introduction:

VyCore is seeking a dedicated and experienced Librarian to join our team. As a Librarian, you will play a crucial role in organising and managing our library resources while fostering a welcoming environment for our community. If you have a passion for literature, excellent organisational skills, and a commitment to providing outstanding service, we invite you to apply for this position.

## Prerequisites:

To excel in this role, you should possess the following:

- A high school diploma or equivalent qualification.

- A bachelor’s degree in Library Science is preferred.

- A minimum of 3 years of experience working in a public library.

- Excellent IT skills and familiarity with library databases.

- Outstanding organisational and interpersonal communication skills.

## Qualifications:

As a Librarian at VyCore, you will be responsible for:

- Cataloging and organizing library resources, including books, films, and publications.

- Assisting patrons in locating reference and leisure reading materials.

- Maintaining up-to-date library records.

- Conducting regular audits of information and inventory.

- Educating patrons on efficient use of library databases.

- Managing budgets, planning, and coordinating library events.

- Overseeing the check-out process for books and resources.

- Organizing book sales, author signings, and other reading events.

- Providing information about library policies and amenities.

- Ensuring the library meets the specific needs of user groups, including postgraduate and disabled students.

## About the Ideal Candidate:

The ideal candidate for this position should demonstrate:

- Strong interpersonal skills for effective community engagement.

- In-depth knowledge of library database systems.

- Excellent communication and organizational skills.

## FAQ:

**1. How can I apply for the Librarian position at VyCore?**

- To apply, please send your resume to

**2. What qualifications are required for this role?**

- A high school diploma, preferably a bachelor’s degree in Library Science, and a minimum of 3 years of experience in a public library.

**3. What skills are crucial for a Librarian at VyCore?**

- Strong interpersonal skills, knowledge of library databases, and excellent organizational and communication skills.

**4. What responsibilities does the Librarian role involve?**

- Cataloging resources, assisting patrons, maintaining records, conducting audits, managing budgets, overseeing check-out processes, and organising library events.

**5. What is the application deadline?**

- The application deadline is [insert deadline here].

## Conclusion:

If you are passionate about fostering a love for literature, creating an inclusive library environment, and contributing to community engagement, we encourage you to apply for the Librarian position at VyCore. We look forward to welcoming a dedicated individual to our team!

- Interested candidates should submit their resumes to

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