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Senior Actuarial Analyst Job Description (JD) - Kuala Lumpur

Actuarial Analyst Job Description

kuala lumpur

Summary: The Senior Actuarial Analyst plays a pivotal role in the actuarial department, undertaking complex analyses to drive decisions on insurance products, risk management, and pricing strategies. This requires a robust understanding of actuarial science, statistical analysis, and quantitative methods.

Functional Duties:

  • Data Analysis and Modeling: Analyze data to evaluate insurance product risk, develop actuarial models, perform various analyses, and use predictive modeling.

  • Pricing and Rate Making: Recommend pricing structures, calculate rates, and adjust them for market competitiveness.

  • Reserving and Financial Reporting: Estimate claims and liabilities, prepare financial reports, and ensure regulatory compliance.

  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation: Analyze market risks, devise mitigation strategies, and provide financial health recommendations.

  • Product Development: Work with teams to design new products, conduct feasibility studies, and ensure regulatory compliance.

  • Documentation and Reporting: Document analyses, prepare reports for management, and explain actuarial concepts to stakeholders.

  • Mentoring and Leadership: Mentor junior analysts, assist in team member development, and act as an actuarial subject matter expert.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a relevant field; actuarial credentials are a plus.

  • Membership in a recognized actuarial organization.

  • Extensive industry experience.

  • Proficiency in actuarial and industry-specific software.

  • Strong quantitative, analytical, and problem-solving skills.

  • Advanced proficiency in data analysis tools.

  • Understanding of regulations and compliance.

  • Excellent communication, project management, and leadership abilities.

Note: This description provides a general scope of the position and may be tailored to the company's evolving needs.

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